What is one of the most daunting aspects of leading a corporate organization in 2019? The “daunt” that creeps into the subconscious at around 3 am and projects the corporate leader from a blissful theta sleep state onto full awakening. The more informed inhabitants of a corporate C-Suite will tell you “the daunt” is directly linked to a “knowing”, a “knowing” that exponential change is required to keep their organisations current, relevant, productive and profitable, now and in the futures (there is not only one future).

Could it be that the current worldview is limiting organizations? Yes
Could it be that “old” thinking and behaviors are limiting organizations? Yes
Could it be that outdated business models are limiting organizations? Yes
Could it be that generational divides are crippling organizations? Yes

Too many corporates at this present time fall in to the category of perceiving these questions as mega daunting.  There is without doubt a massive awareness amongst all C-Suite inhabitants of the urgent need to shift, change, metamorphosis (use any descriptive you like) but the elements that create “the daunt” are the HOW and TO WHAT, underpinned with the insidious emotion that drives “the daunt”… FEAR.  A plethora of “what if’s” become the negative narrative.   Add to this the fact that for the first time in recorded history we find five generations inhabiting the corporate space.  Five vastly different Generations bringing contradictions in values, traits, intelligences and skills.  Tragically these contradictions have become a playing field for harsh judgements, criticism, disassociation and massive separation all of which feed environments of outdated models, high levels of frustration, low levels of employee engagement, inertia and ultimately devolution.

Could it be time for radical shifts in ways of thinking, behaving and doing to revolutionize organizations? Yes
Could it be time for “new” vs. reengineered to revolutionize organizations? Yes
Could it be time for collective collaboration and co-creation to revolutionize organizations? Yes
Could it be time to blend the unique gifts of 5 Generations to create Intergenerational cohesion? Yes

Gen Blending™ is a unique initiative massively relevant in these turbulent times. It integrates wisdom of the ages with new ways of being creating environments, behaviors and crafts rich in fluidity, innovation, agility, disruption and revolution. Its methodologies ensure a seamless blend of gifts, talents, skills, emotional intelligence and experience from all five generations that allow for maximum advantage, value and impact.  Millennial’s and Generation Z catapult the need for blending more than ever due to their innate genre of consciousness that is both mind blowing and mind numbing. Through implementation of robust cross pollination mentoring interventions and parallel solution based projects Gen Blending™ partners with corporate organizations to walk a walk of:

  • integrating wisdom with curiosity
  • shifting from linear into quantum
  • shifting from profit to impact
  • shifting from present mediocrity to exponential futures

Alison Godenir

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