As a “way shower” and “new thinker”,

I co-create New Ways of Being. I map make creative solutions from new perspectives. I bring new models of thought, behavior and integrity to the world. I play with the Generations. I talk about and implement Gen Blending™.


Trend & Behaviour

I am a trend Specialist and strategist working with leaders and their teams. I coach, facilitate and mentor initiatives that shift humanity, grow engagement, increase productivity and manifest profitability.  As a trend analyst I co-create with brave individuals and organisations to shift current stuck paradigms into relevant, fluid and leading edge realities.

Gen Blender

As a Generation Specialist I use the invaluable information I have gathered from focus groups, observation, study of human consciousness and one on one play and work with all generations and sub generations to create a unique initiative called Gen Blending™.

The aim of Gen Blending™  is to to gather the gifts of all generations (and subs) and blend them to create organisational return on investment.

Keynote Speaker

As a speaker I share roadmaps, ideas, realities, models and points of reference related to futures thinking, Generations and Trends that form the landscapes of today and the future.

Click on the YouTube icon for access to Gen Blending videos

Warrior & Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur in me is called to share my experiences, lessons, insights and foresights with courageous organisations ready to transition … transform … transcend!

The “new ways of being” series is a call to leaders to co-create and explore:

New ways of being
New ways of businessing
New ways of blazing
Do you dare…?

Let’s Co-Create!

Offices are not my thing … a “hang out” that feeds my soul IS my thing. Like minded people, chai latte, creative artwork, bright colours, a touch of Africa but not bound to borders and “cross the threshold” thinking and meaningful conversations do it for me.

(+27) 82 225 3097

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