Trend & Behaviour Alchemist

I am a trend Specialist and strategist working with leaders and their teams. I coach, facilitate and mentor initiatives that shift humanity, grow engagement, increase productivity and manifest profitability.  As a trend analyst I co-create with brave individuals and organisations to shift current stuck paradigms into relevant, fluid and leading edge realities.

Gen Blender™

As a Generation Specialist I use the invaluable information I have gathered from focus groups, observation, study of human consciousness and one on one play and work with all generations and sub generations to create a unique initiative called Gen Blending™.

The aim of Gen Blending™  is to to gather the gifts of all generations (and subs) and blend them to create organisational return on investment.

Keynote Speaker

As a speaker I share roadmaps, ideas, realities, models  and points of reference related to futures thinking, Generations and Trends that form the landscapes of today and the future.

Warrior & Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur in me is called to share my experiences, lessons, insights and foresights with courageous organisations ready to transition … transform … transcend!

The “new ways of being” series is a call to leaders to
co-create and explore:

New ways of being
New ways of businessing
New ways of blazing
Do you dare…?