iSHIFT is an evolutionary initiative that ignites personal accountability and ownership of success through Self Productivity and Self Excellence.  The trinity of a threefold synergistic relationship between the individual, the organisation and the team is the ultimate goal. Concepts, constructs and narratives of Self Motivation, Entrepreneurial Actions and Behaviors and Success Attitudes form the basis of this highly relevant intervention.


“As General Manager of Lufthansa InTouch, a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa German Airlines, I have productively worked with Alison. Alison shifted the mindset of our employees, embedding a positive culture of ownership and intrepreneurship with a commitment and passion like no other. It was and still is an amazing journey, Alison is a true inspiration for our entire organization. What really sets Alison apart is her passion and dedication to her work and this generates great energy and motivation with staff. It is clear that this is her calling and our company is all the better for having her share it with us. Her energy and positive influence are amazing and she will be an integral part of our organization going forward.”

Michaela Kaim-Schoby, General Manager Berlin



A powerful and unique initiative of personal metamorphosis.  Every human has a “sleeping” leader buried deep within; the journey is to awaken the leader. This collaboration is offered to individuals called to step into intense self introspection and discovery, mastering personal “WHY’s” embedded in authenticity and self authority.  Add the above to a set of 11 profound leadership principles and an exceptional Leader is unleashed.

“But what truly distinguishes Alison is her deep belief in the power and potential of all people no matter what level they are in the organisation.
Her approach is revolutionary and her programs are very effective in
instilling energy and personal accountability.”

Steve Jowell – VP Sales Yoco


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