“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic”  Peter Drucker

If you’re an organisation worth your salt you should be entering into a period of reflection, celebration and positive anticipation. In an old paradigm we would call this period Strategic Planning. Time devoted to accessing past performance and goal setting for 2020. Here’s a cold reality … 2020 is 3 months away!!!

Old paradigms suggest that Strategic Planning Sessions include, for the most part, middle to senior management levels huddled around a rectangular board room table in deep analysis of what has and has not worked in the past year. These perceived failures and successes then become the blueprints to articulating measurable objectives and goals for the coming year. These are not sustainable methods for a “new world”.

Navigating a world that is in chaos requires new ways of being when it comes to Strats. The old adages’ of Strategy Sessions and Strategic Thinking are no longer reliable references to adequate navigation of this unstable, ever changing and mega exciting world in which we reside. As with all things new – new thinking, new behaviours, new courage, new models and new resilience are the keystones to survival. Enter the realm of SUPER STRATS. A SUPER STRAT is a collaborative and co-creative sacred space devoted to blue ocean and quantum thinking of Futures (there are many optional futures not just one future).

They include deep introspection on new:

  • Ways of Operation
  • Constructs of leadership
  • Markets
  • Technologies
  • Environments
  • Generations
  • Implementation methods
  • Business models

For ease of navigation I have created a SUPER STRAT Toolkit that in my humble opinion will serve as a collective of compasses giving direction for fluid and elegant movement through the turbulent waters we all find ourselves in.


  1. Pure Intent
  • Be an organisation that focuses on Impact vs. Profitability
  • Be intent on true service (to people, to the planet, to noble values)
  • Be authentic in your approach, be true to your WHY and follow through with Walking the Talking)
  1. Agile Evolution
  • Be committed to being relevant in the ever changing landscape.
  • Be conscious of the fact that the opposite to evolution is devolution (death)
  • Adopt limitless and fearless cultures that embrace new, disruptive and revolutionary approaches.
  • Create narratives that move from mistakes to lessons, safety to curiosity and arrogance to wisdom
  1. Trusting Players
  • Collaboration is the new “managing”. Dispense with the usual control mechanisms and introduce TRUST that people are seen as reasonable and can be trusted to do the right thing. When trust exists responsibility and accountability are a given. Peer pressure goes a long way to unification versus fear based threats.
  • Co-creation is the new way of working. The movement from one end state to another requires the creation of new pathways, new maps, new roles, new responsibilities all of which exist in a cohesive, synergised and hyper magnetic vortex only achieved if all the necessary players feel valued and trusted.
  1. Generation Blending
  • Ensure all five generations are represented in decision making environments. Untainted and fresh input from Gen Y and Z are the catalysts to fluid navigation of the new world. They are the creators of this new world. Silent Generation, Baby Boomers and Gen X play the very necessary role of sharing wisdom, experience and tenacity.
  • Dismantle old hierarchical models where one brain is in command and create holarchies that invite cross pollination of ideas, innovation, shared intelligence and revolutionary pathways that lead to productive, fulfilling, meaningful spaces that serve a new Earth.
  1. Madiba Leadership
  • Equality
  • Positive magnetism
  • In awe of every human being
  • Inspired by humanity
  • Self motivation
  • Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Honour the role played by others
  • Honour the good in others
  • States of gratitude, honouring and appreciation
  • Build and serve
  • The Power of Silence
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Resilience
  • Forgiveness
  • Within not without
  • Visionary

Be clever, be astute, be pro-active and enter into relevant co-creations with Specialists who will journey with you on this road less travelled. I would love to be part of your collaboration team.

Alison Godenir

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