Let’s talk evolution versus devolution.  I have written before about the need for continuous evolution, be it personal or organisational.  We know the polarity to evolution is devolution and we don’t have to look very far to highlight the organisations in the last decade that slid off the “map” due to devolution.  Was it ignorance, arrogance or complacency that caused the demise – poor or nonexistent Leadership that sunk the ships?

It is my belief that the keystone to positive, sustainable and successful organisational evolution in 2020+ will revolve around Leadership.  Even as I write this blog and I type the word Leadership I have a sense that this term is misunderstood and elusive.  We really have not witnessed many successful role models in the corporate and political space of true leadership.  The context of management still prevails disguised in the false illusion of Leadership.  In a world of heightened chaos, exponential tech development, generational push back and new dynamics it’s time true Leadership steps up and makes itself known.  

2020+ Leadership is ALL about Ethical and Responsible Leadership. Leadership devoid of ego, greed, power, corruption and manipulation.  It’s time for serious introspection on just how organisations are being led and it’s time for serious discretion around which organisations one chooses to supply , engage with or co-create with.  Ethical is one of the BIG words for 2020 and lip serve will not cut it.  Actions and behaviours need to be visible and tangible.  Rely on Generation Z to openly question organisations that do not demonstrate ethics with exposure that will be brutal.

When asked what ethical leadership was to him, Tim Cook CEO of Apple responded with “leaving things better than you found them”.  Such an apt statement for the vortex of change we find ourselves in today.  Ethical Leadership is not just about solid business practises; it has  much wider context and deeper meaning that speaks to how organisations view environmental issues, their carbon foot print, what movements and organisations they choose to support and how they treat people.  

Take a magnifying glass; hold it close to the Ethical Leadership map and the following themes will materialise:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Love (which includes tough love)
  • Compassion
  • Sustainability
  • Hope

I look forward to witnessing 360 degree turnarounds in c-suite conversations, decisions and behaviours that contribute to a quantum shift in the fabric of our business landscape.

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